Monday, November 14, 2011

salad cake, hold the Ranch

My mommy-in-law has an enviable figure that she keeps svelte, you see, due to a mad, crazy, frenzied love affair with salad.  She loves salad the way some people love their gambling habits, spouses, or Tim McGraw.
Aw, Tim. Why don't you love me back? Why?
Anyway, she isn't a big fan of sugar or fat, or fatty sugars, so we baked her a birthday cake and disguised it as salad.

Sorry about the fuzzy photo...setting was wrong.  Either that or I should have licked the frosting off the lens better.

Here.  This one is shinier.

Like the croutons?  They're cake.  I dazzle myself with my creativity sometimes.

Okay, I saw the idea somewhere else.

The veggies are marzipan, which taste better than fondant.  Plus, I couldn't find fondant and the lady at Fred Meyer kept trying to tell me how to make fondue.

So, there you go:  diet cake, light on the sugar and heavy on the veg.
Not really.  But it goes better with coffee and fuzzy socks than cuddling up with a tossed salad.


  1. Okay, so my first thought was "EEEWWW" but that's actually a really cute idea! I bet my mom would love it! :D

  2. this is so cute. Love the FM lady and her fondue instructions. Good luck molding fondue into veggie images! ;)

    Oh yeah, and true or not: best line ever- "I dazzle myself with my creativity sometimes" it should be a tagline for blog!

  3. For my birthday, I want a lasgne cake. It can be real lasagne. In fact, it should be real lasagne...

  4. Im not going to show this to Aly The salad Queen, because she'd want me to make it for her for her birthday! maybe YOU should make it for her birthday.......... ;)

  5. I'll make it for her birthday, but I'm not mailing it!