Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Okay, minions, here's what I want:

A stack of old, vintage-y (I say vintage-y and not vintage because I can afford vintage-y and not vintage) suitcases.

Empty frames.  Not even vintage-y, but full on broken and therefore cheap  free.  Maybe.

Now somebody come over and make these things happen!

While we're wistfully daydreaming of decorating here are a few more inspirations:

What think you, minions?


  1. hey I love all of those ideas and wish you the best of luck finding the needed items for very very cheap. Also, I would like to say that purple fire places are very common in high end neighborhoods with all those classy ladies who hire people to paint for them, just saying.

  2. First! Pshaw! I use to use that all time! My kids looked at me like I'd grown 3 heads!! I'm glad to see it somewhere else!!
    Second when they are done with your house send 'em to mine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the empty frame look!! I may have to get that 3rd head look again from the kids!
    Hi from the Favor Wall!

  3. Connie,
    Pshaw is an excellent word! So are "humph," "oomph," and "whew!"

  4. All that stuff is so creative. I have not one creative bone in my body nor spark of creativity in my brain. I want that stuff too!

  5. Insomnia,
    My house doesn't have any of it...pshaw!