Wednesday, December 14, 2011


No Shave November turned into No Shave December around our house, and not just because the razor likes to fall off the shower wall at night and scare the living daylights out of me, but because I like my guy scruffy and he knows it.  But tonight he couldn't take the Sasquatch attacking his face any longer so I bring stages...the evolution of man.

Grizzly Adams.

Bob Cratchitt.

Rob Reiner/Meathead.

Ummm....1970s man in a questionably morally wrong line of work?  (hey, this is a family blog!)

Well, we all know why this look went out of style.  Speaking of which, Will Farrell singing Springtime for Hitler is just something we should all see at least once.

Bare as a baby's bottom.

He knows I like the mountain man look so if he knows what's good for his love life, he'll grow it back pronto.


Gianni refuses to call him Dad any longer and now refers to him as Uncle Mike who lives in New York.


  1. My husband wears a goatee. One that he has worn since the mid 90's. I've talked him into shaving it off on January first. though it's loads less dramatic of a change- you've absolutely convinced me to blog it!

  2. I vote for meathead!!!! Or was it the biker from the Village People...

  3. Wow. Your husband is a man of many faces.....hilarious! Btw.....I prefer my man scruffy too.

  4. Wow six different looks from the same guy. Reminds me of Fletch

  5. I love this! I hate it when Mr. Amazing shaves off his goatee. It's only happened once, but that was more than enough! I feel your pain. :(

  6. What a funny post...and how great of him to do that. Thanks for stopping by from the NOBH