Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sometimes you have to drill your four year old like a potential oil field about the True Meaning of Christmas.  Because when you are a Santa lovin' family, but also Christian, you have to groom your children to not embarrass you in front of church friends by staring blankly when they talk about Jesus' birth.  So you have to plant that holy thought in their playdough moldable brains every opportunity you get by randomly barking out,

'Why do we celebrate Christmas?'  

This way when someone from church asks he can stare mutely at them and whisper,


but when a total stranger tells him he's cute, he'll respond with a passionate shout of,


that sends them scurrying the other direction in a flustered state of mild panic.

Are we the only ones with this particular problem?  It's a pickle.


  1. Can't say I've had that particular problem, but who gives a fig what anyone else thinks about a 4 year old's interpretation of Christmas. I mean, when I was teaching one of my girls to pump on the swing, she put the word pump into the only context available and shouted proudly, "I can pump gas with my bum!" which is just too darn funny to be offensive. :)

  2. Well... my brother in law is not so much about the Jesus part of Christmas. Last year my four year old cornered him and started preaching the Jesus Christmas story. He didn't want to hear and looked away... she grabbed his face, pulled it back to her, shook her finger at him and said, "Now, listen! Pay attention to this! This is important stuff!"

    So... I guess we all have our troubles. Mine's destined to become a hellfire & damnation street evangelist.