Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am not a decorating genius.  I admit it.  I know what I like and I'm great at picking things out at stores (and not buying them), clipping out photos from Country Living (and losing them), and organizing my Pinterest wall (without implementing them), but I am terrible at knowing what will work in my space.

I have friends who are great at decorating.  My friend, Tawni, does nutty things like paints her fireplace mantle purple and while we all titter behind her back at her insane ideas, she ends up with the coolest looking living room ever.

My friend, Mariah, spray paints everything black.  It works.

But they refuse to come over and help me, so I need your help.

Two areas:

Area #1:  plant shelf.  Who invented these dumb things anyway and what am I supposed to do with it?
I don't do plants.
Also, I am not 13 feet tall.

Area #2:  weird little cubby niche thing.  What am I to do with this?

Please help me.  Consider it charity.


  1. I think I'd keep the kids up there.

    Maybe a nice long painting to cover up the cubby niche things. Your kids could paint one when they're up on the plant shelf.

  2. Everytime that someone comes over & we sit in the dining/living room & I look up at those dumb plant shelf thingies & say, "Man, I hate those stooopid dust catchers", they look at me as though I'm mildly deranged. Because they're supposed to be a nifty decorating statement. But they're not; they're stooooopid dust catchers. Unless, I guess, you really are 13 feet tall....

  3. These type of things remind me of those blank pages in texts that state, "This page is meant to be blank."

  4. Y'all are adorable...and not even a little bit helpful. Curses!

  5. I was born without the decorating gene, but my advice would be to corner Penny at church next Sunday and plead for help. She is amazing.

  6. ooo perfect! I'll totally gain her trust by inviting her over for coffee or something...then BAM! I'll pick her brain.

  7. Get gen to paint a cool mural in that little space! she works for wine! i saw somewhere, (not pinterest or id pin it for you!) where they laid old lattice ontop of that shelf-space-thing and had fake vines going in and out. still might need dusting but would look like u had a vineyard hiding up there! hence, the wine for Gen.......

  8. I agree, ask Penny.

    My two cents, worth not even that, plant shelves are for FAKE plants, see? Then you get a long handled duster and voila, decorated!

    I think the weird little cubby nook thing is very cool. What to do with it? No idea. Ask Penny. Or Susan Marcu.

  9. Ok, this is a bit tough without the context of the rest of your space, but the plant shelf is certainly, as someone already said, for fake plants- try goodwill. If that doesn't work, go for a wierd collection of jars, ceramic pots, etc. again, good will, You'll want to vary the height of whatever you put up there. Or mix fake plants and goodwill pots- you get the picture. For your cubby, go to a Joann Fabrics or comparable and get one of those wall sticker applique thingys. Or some temporary wallpaper. Or you can take scrapbook paper and use a mixture of flour and water as a paste (trust me). Washes right off when you need to move. I would then do one big thing that takes up about a third to half the space- hmmm, just under half. HUGS!!

  10. That plant shelf would be PERFECT for the beautiful vintage-y suitcases you wanted! They would look great up there! I'm a new follower from vB!

  11. Kim,
    I think so too! Now if only some would drop from the sky...