Thursday, October 13, 2011


You ever have one of those days?
One of those days where:

the coffee tastes especially yummy

the kids get 100% on their math test

you wash the sheets and they smell like Snuggle Blue Sparkle

you sweep and mop the floor

meals are delish and appreciated by everyone

the history lesson with the kids is fun and educational both

work goes well

the bills get paid

an unexpected check arrives in the mail

there's a new stack of library books waiting

the whippersnappers don't argue, not even once

Well?  Isn't that a lovely description of a lovely day?

This was not that day.


I've given myself radiation poisoning from the number of times I've nuked my same cup of coffee

I waited too long to eat breakfast and was riding on a broom by noon

I kept dreaming all night of certain people in Michigan I don't ever want to see again, much less dream of

the kids woke up squabbling with each other

then they repented and got all nice which only makes me feel guilty for being short tempered with them.  I read this interview with I can't remember his name, but he played Sam on Lord of the Rings, and his mom in real life is an actress, I can't remember her name either but she's famous, and he talked about her being manic depressive and when she was nice, she was nice, but they lived in fear of her not being nice and it totally colored his whole entire childhood and adulthood, and I was like, wow, like I didn't have enough pressure to not ruin my kids, now I have to totally watch my mood swings

we went to Walmart which is really a heinous place to go even if your day is going well, and mine was not, not so much, and I saw this mom yelling at her kids who were really not being all that naughty all things considered (although maybe they really were spawns of Lucifer at home before they got to Walmart, who knows) and it was like looking in a mirror except I'm not that mean and I don't smell like cigarettes but still

and my $1 Elf eyeliner didn't transform me into Katie Holmes or Salma Hayek like I thought it might, me being the hopeless optimist that I am

and I have to call and argue with some medical bill people who are trying to send us to collections over a bill that insurance should have paid almost a year ago and I really don't want to because arguing with medical bill people is slightly more fun than say, poking yourself in the eye with a flame thrower, but it has to be done

and my hair is being especially obnoxious and if I had the guts I'd go all Sinead O'Conner but I don't have the voice

THIS has been our day.


  1. Oh my goodness! We just got a bill for medical expenses that were covered by our insurance THREE years ago. Yes, I said THREE! Insane!

  2. Oh I just hate those days. I don't like to use the word hate, but I hate those days. They make me feel all agitated and out of place, and like I don't want to be a responsible parent, and I just want to take off running through a field and leave the stupid world behind.
    That's scary about the Sam guy -- I am totally like that mother. Not as much since I've been getting vitamin B12 shots, but probably enough to have done some kind of psychological damage to Emma.
    Wish you were still next door, I'd bring over some wine. (And beer)

  3. OH, HONEY...

    Been here, done this...

    Have a pallet o post cards in storage.


    (and I am just laughing...because I just actually posted about an ACTUAL good day, without the sarcasm)

    But the bad ones just make the golden good ones stand out and taste all the sweeter, don't they?


  4. Medical bills... is it just me or do these "companies" (should medical stuff be corporate anyway? NO!) get worse... Ugh. Can not stand them at all.

  5. OK. So we shared the socially awkward Thursday and I had the rotten day you described today... we need to get on the ball and have some excellent days to mirror each other! Hoping things are looking up!