Sunday, September 25, 2011

Houses and What Lies Therein

This coming week we move into our own home.  We are a little bit excited.  A little thrilled.  A little elated and a little frothing at the mouth.  It's just been too long (two years) since we've lived somewhere with just us five.  That's too long by anyone's standards.  We always have adventures in moving and we already know what one of our adventures will be:

We will find something in our new house after oh, say, six months of living there.  In our old house in Idaho we found a window after living in that house for two years.  A window, you say?  Like a window pane, stuck high in a closet somewhere?  No, I mean an actual window, in an actual wall, in our actual house, with an actual view into our actual backyard.

Not much gets by us.  We're kinda like Nancy Drew married to Frank Hardy.  A Bobbsey Twin who hooked up with 007.  Velma and Freddy's love child.  We are extremely observant human beings.  I don't blame you if you feel a little intimidated.

Hey!  I just noticed a cup holder in my van!  Whoa!  When'd that get there?

So anyway, this particular window was finally ferreted out by my detectively skilled #1 Husband who was out in the backyard one day.  He came back inside with a peculiar look on his face and told me to go to the bathroom and listen.  I did.  He leaves.  I hear knocking on the wall.  I follow the sound.  It appears to be coming from the sink.  Perhaps it's an Englishman banging two coconuts together?  Could it be Eric Idle living under my sink?  I look behind the mirror that is hung up behind the faucet.  Voila!  A view of my husband's baffled face.

We had always kind of wondered why that mirror had a window ledge below it  and more than one frame.

Not a lot gets by us.

What the??!  Have I always had a dog?

We're like Perry Mason meets Trixie Belden.  Shaggy meets Flavia de Luce.  Hercule Poirot meets Agatha Christie.  Which would be logical seeing as she made him up.  Sam Spade meets Cherry Ames.  Kate Beckett meets Father Brown.

Anyway, we fully expect to find a bedroom we didn't know was there...or a refrigerator...or something way spiffy, like a garage.  Possibly within the first year of living there!  I'm very excited.  There could be a full basement!  Or a second story!  Or a hot tub!  The possibilities are endless.

We're also looking forward to doing some home improvement and living up to our reputations in that area as well.  It may be difficult to live up to the ol' cribbage board holding up the window trick, or the infamous "I'll just plug this hole in the wall with my pants" idea, but we'll try.  Don't underestimate us.  Maybe we can plug a newly found window with our pants...

Wait, I have pants?!


  1. So funny. I could see how that could happenm tough. When we bid on our house, our real estate agent couldn't even make it down from Sacramento to let us in, so all we had to go on was a view through some very dusty windows through a few cracks in some broken blinds, but what we saw convinced us to bid our max in hopes we got in, and when we got inside, we were just amazed at what we got! Awesome granite counter tops, gorgeous mocha colored tile everywhere, a beautiful and ginormous master bath and bedroom! talk about a leap of faith, but man it was worth it! ;)

  2. that window thing could happen to anyone... :)

    Speaking of Flavia, I just read that book... I learned two things... Mysteries just aren't for me. HOWEVER, i loved his writing style!

  3. "Have I always had a dog?" haha! I sometimes forget how many cats I have because one can't decide if she wants to live here or not. When she comes home to eat after being gone for a month I'm always a little surprised she's still alive.

    Okay not the same as finding a window.

    I hope whatever you find in the new house is something worth money...or at least a good blog post.