Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I don't get out much

So yesterday I was at the pool with my sweet trolls.  I was reading (of course...not like I go there to swim if I can help it) and the only other people there was a dad with a daughter.  He was teaching her to swim.  I kept getting distracted by him practically shouting,
at me.  At which point, I'd look up politely and smile or wave, but he would hardly ever be looking my way, which I found odd.
Was he trying to get my attention?  Flirt?  What was up with this guy?
Finally after the fourth time or so, I started really eavesdropping on him.
Turns out he wasn't speaking English.
Maybe Russian.
Not English.
And when I thought he was yelling greetings at me and I so politely and dorkily responded, he was actually - I believe - saying something like "go!" to his daughter.

It was a tad bit embarrassing.