Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wine Pairings for Cheezits

Here you go, Steph:

Wine pairings for Cheezits:

Regular yellow Cheezits: a nice hardy Merlot.

Spicy Cheezits: a lovely sweet Late Harvest Riesling to combat the spice.

White Chedder Cheezits: how about a Malbec?

Reduced fat Cheezits: don't be silly.  Bud Light, I 'spect.  Ick.

Baby Swiss Cheezits: cabernet.  Actually, I don't know because if there are Baby Swiss Cheezits in the house, Cora will be snarfing them under her bed.

Italian 4 Cheese Cheezits: a nice Italian Chianti of course.  Just don't think of Hannibal Lector.  Nothing ruins a snack like Hannibal.

Asiago Cheezits:  I don't know cuz I haven't bought them yet, but I know they exist! 

Well, I'd write more but I'm pretty certain Food and Wine magazine will knocking on my door in a minute, begging me to write for them. 

your very own sommelier...somolier...sommolir...Blogging Wine Expert.


  1. Thank you for your expert advice. What about whole grain and Duoz. Do tell. :)

  2. Lorna, what are duoz?!? Whole grain, by the way, goes lovely with a Pinot Grigio Or a lovely Pinot Grigio goes with whole grain?