Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mix Tapes

I think everyone loves music.  I can't think of anyone who doesn't. Can you?  I don't get the whole newfangled downloadin' thing though - this is probably because I don't own anything to download on.  In.  Into.  Whatever.    My music player of choice was left bolted into the kitchen I exited so hastily back in that state shaped like a mitten.  My other music player is the c.d. player in my Mommobile.  Anyway, being a mommy for the past dozen years sort of means I heard nothing in the music world from the years 2000-2009, mainly because all I heard was babies fussin' and laughin', the vacuum running, the smoke alarm going off, and daytime talk shows, all peppered with the occasional Veggie Tales song.  Cuz I love my lips!  Sorry, half of you didn't get that.  Anyway, I'm sure there were a lot of great new bands and singers out there, but I didn't, and don't, know they exist.  Songs are like smells, they bring back instant memories.  Some of my favorite songs probably wouldn't be my favorite songs nowadays if I were hearing them for the first time, because the whole reason I love them is because they transport me back to a particular time or person or town.

So if I were to put together a mix tape for you, dear readers, this is what would be on it:

Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi

Cold November Rain by G and R

Beautiful Wreck by Shawn Mullins

Up All Night by Shawn Mullins

Smooth by Santana and somebodyornother, Maroon 5 maybe?

Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams

One by U2

Some B.B. King

Some Taj Mahal

Some Los Lonely Boys (Drat!  I just remembered I forgot to watch them on PBS the other night)

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel

Good Friends and a Glass of Wine by LeeAnne Rimes

Independence Day by Martina McBride

How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood

Down to the River by NeedToBreathe.  Actually, anything by NeedToBreathe.

A Ghost in this House by Alison Krausse

Hallelujah by Jon Bon Jovi

Hurt by Johnny Cash

There are some others I'm sure I'd like if I ever learned to do the downloading thingy.  Like Adele, Joss Stone, Leona Lewis.  I don't own any of their c.ds either, but I think I like them.

So if I were to make you a tape right now this is what would be on it.

The polite thing to do when someone makes you a mix tape is to make one right back.  So, tell me, what would be on your mix tape?  And will you share it?

The winner of the best mix tape list gets ... a c.d. which I will lovingly purchase at a music store dig out of my music collection.  Really!  I'm not joshing you this time.  It's no KitchenAid, but heck, you know you want it...


  1. Baby on fire by Great White
    Face the day by Great White
    Weed with Willy Toby Keith and Willie Nelson
    Stop the world by Extreme
    Ghosts of Jackson Square by Edwin McCain
    I'll be by Edwin McCain
    Fat bottom girls by Queen
    My Sharona by the Knack
    Paradise riviera by Stevie Ray Vaugh

    First to comment Bri-Bro

  2. tapes??? You do know that they can now be found in museums . . . right? :)

    Mine would be full of Geoff Moore and the Distance, Chicago, and few other weird songs, like Tubthumping by ChumbaWumba. :)

  3. Of course, I am a Bon Jovi girl. But I also love Adele & Need to Breathe! This is not my list. It's just a comment.

  4. Several times in the past I have thought of doing something on a rock-n-roll genre.
    I Love Rock-n-Roll - Joan Jett
    Old Time Rock-n-Roll - Bob Segar
    Rock-n-Roll Music - Chuck Berry
    Still Rock-n-Roll to Me - Billy Joel
    Rock Me - Abba
    I'm sure there's more I'm not thinking of now.

  5. Need to Breathe
    Need to Breathe
    Need to Breathe
    Need to Breathe
    Need to Breathe

    and I'm not even kidding : )