Friday, September 16, 2011

Pillow talk with a three year old

The past two nights, Gianni has had trouble sleeping. Since I've had trouble sleeping for three months now, and I feel terrible about The Bee Episode of three days ago, I let him snuggle me.  Hence the ridiculous conversation we whispered at the wee hours of the morning.

G:  Hey, Mom?
M: ZZzz.
G:  Hey, Mom, do you know? The sun is up!
M:  That's the moon.
G:  Oh.  Hey, Mom, do you know?
M: Whaa?
G:  You have stinky nose breath.
M:  Then roll over.
G:  Hey, Mom, can we get up yet?
M:  YOU can.
G:  Hey, Mom, do you know? Do you know that blackberries are like squishy potatoes?
M:  Huh?
G:  Yeah!  Yeah, they're like if you left your blackberry in the street and a car came and ran over it.  Yeah!
M:  Whatever, Grover.
G:  Hey, Mom, you ever left your blackberry in the street?
M:  Sure.
G:  And hey, Mom?
M:  Grr.
G:  My legs won't stay still.
M: I noticed.
G: Hey, Mom? Hey, Mom?  HEY,MOM?
G:  Is that still the moon up?
M:  YES.  Go to sleep. Do you need to go potty?
G:  No.
M: Cause you're really wiggly and if you don't stop elbowing me I'm gonna kick you out.
G:  K.  K, sorry, Mom.  Hey, Mom?
M:  What?
G:  Can you move over so I can get out and go potty?
*Four minutes later*
G:  Hey, Mom.  Hey, Mom, did you know?
M:  Zzz.
G: I love you, Mom. But don't breathe anymore on me, k?


  1. Bahahaha! I love your little man!!!

  2. i'd go insane! i don't know how long i could continue to have sympathy . . . hmmm. . . about 10 minutes. i'm just too darn selfish.

  3. You need to stop feeding him so many blackberries... he's got way too much energy in the middle of the night. (...and too much imagination springing from the berries, too.)

  4. Oh my gosh this conversation is hilarious. Thank goodness he's so freakin cute otherwise you'd have to committ toddler homicide at him waking you up that early!